There’s Some Things We Just Won’t Talk About Right Now…

The flu has officially hit our home. Actually, it didn’t wait until we got home to hit. It kind of hit on the way home, if you catch my drift.

If I wrote about what we were up to right now, this would be a really gross post, so instead, I’ll share a picture from last week of our latest way to do some “girl bonding”:

Very wild, very wet, but we do manage to get the dishes done. Looking forward to normal life again sometime soon!


Our family has been sick with the flu for the last couple of days. Since we were all sick right before Christmas, and since it is never fun to experience vomit at any point in life, I’ve been tempted to have a bad attitude. But I got a little reminder today…

I was lying on the couch, trying not to move or do anything that would aggravate my extremely sensitive stomach, and the girls were sitting beside me, watching a Curious George video. (Yay, saved by George again!)

I wasn’t really paying attention to the video at all, but suddenly I heard one of the characters say, “Be very careful – time is a precious thing.”

And I lay there thinking about that for awhile. Time is a very precious thing – that’s why I don’t want to waste it lying around with the flu.

But that thought kind of jumbled into remembering a conversation that I had with Anika a few days ago. I don’t remember what brought it on, but I was explaining that verse in Philippians to her about “being content in every situation.” And she said to me, “Why haven’t you learned how to do that, Mommy?”

Umm…all right, shall we start with the flu? Because if I’m only content during the easy parts of my life, I will waste a lot of precious time. More of my life would be spent in enjoyment if I could somehow learn to be content in ALL circumstances. And I could be a better example for my kids.

So, my attempt for today, to enjoy precious time, to be content in all situations….Here are the things I was thankful for:

1) The most amazing husband ever. He wasn’t feeling great, either, but he did so much for me and the girls. As I was listening to him helping Anika during one of her bouts of throwing up, I thought again about how he is so calm and amazing at handling any situation. He’s such a great dad, even when puke is involved.

2) Extra snuggle times and feeling extra amounts of love for my poor sick girls.

3) A very pretty view out of our windows for me to enjoy while I’m lying on the couch.

4) Plain popcorn being bland enough to go down great after a day of not eating, and a good movie.

There we go, and it wasn’t even so hard to think of things to be thankful for!