Some of you know about my new-found love for making floral arrangements. I’ve actually always loved doing it, but I used to only use real flowers – I’d hack off huge branches of apple blossoms or lilacs from my parents’ trees and make wonderful creations. I remember my dad commenting on how many branches I’d cut off his trees, but he’d always be very encouraging about my way of enjoying the beauty of nature…

Anyway, now I’ve discovered fake flowers, and I’m loving it. Here’s my latest creation:

I’ve been told that I should take this whole thing to a new level, and start my own business, but that idea is kind of amusing to me, seeing as I have no training whatsoever. I just have a lot of experience with apple blossoms and lilacs.

So now I’m stuck, loving a really expensive hobby, and living in a really small house – really, how many arrangements can I fit in it? (How many do I actually want to fit in it? Things could get kind of excessive…)



Favorite Things Right Now Part 2

Ha! Today isn’t my birthday. I thought today was the 11th. So, tomorrow is the actual day. In the meantime, here’s another batch of favorites:

7)This Book

It’s the kind that makes me squirm and feel uncomfortable and convicts me and inspires me to change. And I’m only on chapter 5! Who knows what will happen to me by the end of it?!

8)  Scrapbooking

I’m not doing as much of it right now, but when I have the time and energy, it is still something that I love to do, and is a creative outlet for me.

9) Grapefruit Seed Extract!

Okay, I realize that this is a weird one. But for anyone out there who likes to deal with stuff “naturally”, this is the best. It does everything. Around here, we use it for diaper rash, aiding digestion, disinfecting, and gargling to get rid of a sore throat. (Seriously, it works SO much better than salt water.) It is cheap, and if you google it, you will be amazed as to how many different things it can be used for. Basically everything. It has become a very important part of my everyday life in this last year. Weird, I know.

10) Heartland!

I am really loving Heartland right now. We don’t watch movies, we don’t get TV out here, we just watch Heartland. I realize that it’s cheesy, but it’s also wholesome and clean. And it makes me want to wear a cowboy hat and boots, and ride horses, even though I hate them.

11) Matt’s Bean Dip

This is another one of my favorite things to eat right now. And extremely easy to make – Matt taught me how.

Bean Dip

Open a can of kidney beans, dump them in a pot and cover with water. Bring to a boil, then simmer for 5 minutes. Drain most of the water, mash them up, and mix in cumin and salt to taste. I love eating it with corn chips, red peppers and cucumbers. Very yummy!

12) Making Floral Arrangements!

Another new thing for me this year! My mom wanted one for their house in Sebring, so we tackled that project while we were down there on vacation, and it was so much fun! Then Ben’s mom found out, and wanted one too, so we came up with the 3 in this picture, and that was fun, too! (A little stressful because of the size, and I kind of bit off more than I could chew, but we survived, and I learned a lot!) My next project will be doing one for our house, so it was nice that the moms were willing to be the guinea pigs!