Killing Excuses

I found an amazing blog this weekend – all about social media, which I’m apparently getting more and more interested in. Who knew?! I could hardly get myself to stop reading it. And yet it was so motivating that I really wanted to get to work and start implementing what I was reading right away! I was so torn, I hardly knew which to do first!

The big question that grabbed my attention and won’t let go is this: “How are you killing one of your excuses today?”

I’m chewing on that one, because just the other day, I was talking with a friend about dreams and what holds us back. We shared the things we long to do, and talked about how confusing life can get. Sometimes we don’t even know what is holding us back, or why a dream is not coming to life.

I’ve often asked myself what is keeping me from doing the things that I dream about. I still haven’t figured out if it’s fear that I’m just labeling as “waiting for God’s timing”, or if it actually just isn’t the time – I’m in a time of preparation. Even if this is actually a time of preparation, there is still a good measure of fear thrown in there, and I realized that I’m getting tired of that.

I’m not pursuing my dreams, because if I start trying to pursue them, and it doesn’t work out, I will fail. It’s safe just to sit here dreaming and leaving it for in the future. I am safe from failure as long as I stay right where I am, and just keep dreaming (…procrastinating?)

But what am I doing today to kill my excuses?

I’m going to start taking action. I’m going to pray like crazy about each step I take, and if it’s not of God, I trust that He’ll stop me. But I’m going to step out in faith, because that’s the only way that my dreams are going to become reality. I am guaranteeing that nothing can or will happen, as long as I keep coming up with excuses not to do anything.

Do you ever make excuses for why you’re not pursuing a dream?