I Want to Remember

A few nights ago, I went for a bike ride that ended by the lake. It was the most beautiful evening.

I could not begin to count the number of times I’ve run down to the lake to catch the sunset.

There have been so many different things I’ve wrestled through with God while sitting down there on the dock. I have cried and prayed and rejoiced and marveled at His creation, again and again.

This last time, I drank in that view one more time, and soaked in all that peace and quiet. The waves were lapping at the shore, and I tried to take it all in to the very depths of my being.

I want to take it all with me wherever I go.

What frightens me about moving is that our family might forget – forget what it’s like to live this weird, wonderful, peaceful (but hectic in the summer!) life out here in the woods.

I’m scared we’ll forget what it’s like to go at a slower pace, and what it’s like to breathe in the smell of pine trees, or to walk outside on a snowy day so peaceful and silent, you can almost hear the snowflakes falling.

I wonder how quickly we’ll slip back into “normal” life, and I wonder if we’ll forever be changed by all that has happened.

Right now it feels like I will always remember, but I wonder if it’s kind of like being on vacation – you have an amazing time, but when you come back, normal life sets in so quick, it almost seems like that vacation never happened.

I don’t want the last five years to feel that way. I want our family to adjust well, and I want to love living in Niverville again. But I also want to have changed so much that we can’t ever go back to living the way we did before we came here.

Not that life was so bad back then. It was just very busy, full, noisy, and crazy. Because Ben worked for a church, we were always rushing off to events and meetings and programs. Those were all very good things, but we had no time for some really important things.

Being at camp has taught me to breathe and go slow, to enjoy the view, and to have time for people.

I’ve learned that a quiet half hour down by the lake can do wonders for the soul, and leave me feeling like I’ve been feasting on heavenly things.

Fortunately, the sun still sets in Niverville, too. May the feasting continue!

Some Enchanted Evening

Two amazing things happened last night.

The first was that Anika asked me to stop beside the road on our way home from the city, so that we could watch the sun setting over the lake together.

The second amazing thing was that I did it.

Anyone who knows me should know that I am all for stopping to enjoy the sunset. But not usually after a loooong day in the city, and a looooong drive home, without Ben. It was past the girls’ bedtime, and Kaylia and I were eager to get home, but….Anika wanted to watch the sunset.

So we did, and I’m so glad that we did. Suddenly, instead of the evening seeming long and tiring, it seemed enchanting. Once we tore ourselves away from the incredible view, we slowly drove past a whole bunch of deer. Anika was beside herself with excitement, because she saw her “first real live man-deer!” And after that, Kaylia talked about a “man-deer” all the way home.

Moral of the Story: Stop to enjoy the sunset and the man-deer every chance you get!


Still going with this week of pictures project!

And here’s our evening routine. Ben helped out with taking a bunch of pictures, and my favorite moment was when he said, “I keep taking so many pictures! I’m trying to get the light just right.” Yes!! Yes, you are. And that is how a person ends up with 96 pictures after one afternoon.

Anyway, here’s our evening routine, slightly different than normal, because Janna was over for a visit! She was on staff this summer, and was one of the girls that I met with regularly to pray and talk with and stuff. She came through our door last night, and it was like sunshine. She has the warmest, sweetest, most joyful personality you could imagine, and our home was blessed with her presence last night.


Anika playing paperdolls with Janna:

Dirty dishes after supper. Normally I wash them while Ben takes the girls outside to play, but he did them last night:

Kaylia eating food off the floor from supper:

Anika eating her night snack:

Getting Kaylia ready for bed:

Getting Anika ready for bed:

Ben making “Apple Stuff”. This is our night snack almost every single night. Calling it “Apple Crisp” sounds too formal and fancy for what it is, so we just always call it “Apple Stuff”. It’s basically sugar-less, flour-less apple crisp, and it’s terribly simple to make. If you’re ever over at our house in the evening for a visit, chances are good that we’ll offer you “Apple Stuff”!

Ben threw in blueberries and strawberries this time, just for a change:

I did not get a picture of hanging out with Janna once the girls were in bed. Too bad! Ben left to do homework in his office, and I had an extremely wonderful time talking with Janna.

After she left, I had a shower, and cleaned my sink. I love getting up in the morning to a clean, shiny bathroom:

And then I went to bed!

That’s our evening! With the addition of Janna.