Surrounding Myself With Grey Hair Inspiration

Remember the post I wrote last year about going grey? It’s been on my mind for a long time, and a few months ago, I finally snapped – I was just DONE with dying my grey hair. I’m a busy mom with plenty of other things to do besides always thinking about my hair and going for appointments all the time, I’ve always been a low maintenance kind of girl, and constantly covering up my grey roots just wasn’t feeling right anymore.

I was never getting my grey roots covered fast enough to completely hide their existence anyway, so it seemed silly to keep dying my hair and pretending for a few weeks that I’m still naturally completely brunette. Everyone knows I have grey hair, because everyone can see my roots every few weeks, so I just wanted to stop pretending, feeling pressured to get to the hair dresser, and spending money and time on hiding my grey hair.

I started searching Pinterest for pictures of women with grey hair, and to my pleasant surprise, silver highlights were totally taking off last year – I saw them everywhere. Not around here in real life, but on the internet. It seemed extremely fortunate – this was a trend I could completely embrace.

I stopped dying my roots a few months ago, and am so thankful for a great hair dresser who knows what she’s doing. Each time I go in for an appointment, she surprises me with how well she’s able to blend that line in my hair as my roots are slowly growing out. I know there are women who just stop the hair dying process cold turkey, but I’m not interested in having such a bold line in my hair. So it still means I have to get my hair dyed, but not as often, and I don’t really need to worry about roots showing – I just get lowlights put in so the growing out process is a little more blended and gradual. It’s helping me ease into this transition in my life.

There are times when I actually surprisingly like having more grey showing, and other times when I feel a bit self-conscious about it. I feel kind of alone in the process, and wish I knew more women who are going through this. For those self-conscious days when I’m feeling a bit yucky about the whole thing, I go back to Pinterest, and look at my favorite pictures of grey hair – if I can’t find women I know who are going grey at a young age, at least I can surround myself with pictures of women who look amazing with grey hair! None of them are natural, of course, but they sure make it look good!

Here are some of my favorites:

grey hairsource







Anyone else out there who’s tired of dying grey roots?!