More Isn’t Always Better…

More isn’t always better – sometimes it’s just more.

That’s a quote from Sabrina, one of my favorite movies, and one that you should totally watch if you haven’t, and if you like cheesy, romantic, chick-flicky type movies.

Anyway. I thought of that quote today when we got Anika’s old dollhouse out of our shed. Kaylia is now the proud new owner, and she was in her glory.

All day long. That’s all she played with.

At first, Ben didn’t get any of the furniture out, just the dollhouse, and that was enough for Kaylia. She found all her little dolls, and sat there playing for the longest time with a bare, empty dollhouse. She was so happy, that I didn’t even give her the furniture once the box arrived inside, because I figured she could keep having fun just the way she was for awhile.

I wanted to give it to her, and just overwhelm her with fun things, but she was so happy with a lot less.

More isn’t always better – sometimes it’s just more.

Anika eventually found the box of furniture, and helped Kaylia empty everything out, and the fun continued for hours. I’ll let her keep the furniture! But it was a nice reminder to keep things simple.

Sometimes we can be perfectly happy with the things we already have. Actually, we could be happy with a lot less.