Ready or Not, Here Christmas Comes

This blog post is brought to you by the stomach flu, fevers, and knee surgery recovery, with high fives all around for getting the nasty stuff out of the way so we can all be healthy by Christmas. I was emailing with my mom today about plans for Christmas at their house, and felt a little weird asking if she wanted me to bring any Christmas baking, because as of this moment, there is no Christmas baking yet. But there will be. And really, getting Christmas baking done early is a pain, because then I have to hide it from my kids so they don’t eat it all before Christmas even gets here, so this will work out perfectly….

I’ve stayed remarkable calm about my lack of readiness for Christmas, because I blame everything on the fact that Ben just had knee surgery, so nothing is normal, but we’re getting there, and it will still be great. And really, people celebrate Christmas for like, almost a week after the 25th, right?! We might be late with everything, but it will feel festive whenever it happens, so this is what I’m telling my desire for organization and readiness. I’ll make up for it next year.

In the meantime, here are some more of the pictures I’ve been taking here and there for my little December photo challenge:



working on the slide Ben built off our deck before he had surgery


enjoying hot chocolate after playing outside



Look Down:



I was going to get the classic picture with everyone smiling hugely at the camera, but then I realized that this IS the picture of her happiness – perched on this bench by the window, lost in her own quiet little world.

Wrapping Paper:




How are you all doing? Feeling any peace, or is Christmas getting crazy in your home, too?

More December Photos

We’re still trying to recover from Christmas around here, so I’ll leave you with this week’s photo challenge pictures. I hope you’re having an awesome time relaxing with family and friends!

Day 22: Wrapped Up

DAy 22

Day 23: Red

Day 23

Day 24: Merry

Day 24

Day 25: Morning

Day 25

Day 26: Stocking

Day 26

Day 27: Favorite Thing

Day 27

Some More Photos From My Christmas Photo Challenge

I’ve shared these all on Facebook, but for those of you who aren’t on Facebook, here are some more Christmas photos!

Day 16: Warmth

They’re snuggled under my Christmas blanket from Ben’s grandma! I love it that we only get the blanket out at Christmas, and that it’s a special way to continually remind us of her, now that she’s gone….

Day 16

Day 17: Tradition

Advent Calendar! (Fun in the beginning, but I must confess, I’m a little worn out with all the activities! Good thing Christmas is almost here!!)

Day 17

Day 18: Something Shiny

Day 18

Day 19: Festive

I went over to my friend Sarah’s house to get some variety for my Christmas photos! (Ironically, I think our house is on this picture – her tree is right by the window, and the dark blob to the right is probably right around where our house is down the street!)

Day 19

Day 20: Baking Fun

Peanut Better Balls! Apparently, these are delicious! I have not cheated, so I have no idea what they taste like, by some miracle. I cannot say the same for last night’s Honey Cookies…

Day 20

Day 21: Under

I lay on my back under the Christmas tree to take this one.:)

Day 21