Easter Weekend Favorites

I love being at my parents’ house. It’s been awhile, because they’ve been gone for the winter, but this weekend, it was fun to come back.

I am such a prairie girl at heart. Living in the Whiteshell has been great, and I have loved the lakes and trees, but there is this part of me that breathes a big sigh of relief when I get out to the wide open spaces where I grew up.

Everything is just different here. It smells different, the trees are different, and even the birds sound different. It’s been a nice change.

And then there was Easter.

Lots of treats, and time with family, and the much-anticipated wearing of the Easter dresses.

Our visit to my parents’ house is not quite over. Ben has been painting for days at our new house, so we’re trying to enjoy this time, even though I think all four of us are ready for him to stay home. Forever.

The end is in sight, thank goodness.

In the meantime, it’s good to be here.