Creative Energy

It feels like this week, all of my creative energy has gone into preparing for the sessions I’ve been leading for our Counselor-in-Training program, and coming up with ideas on how to keep a lonely two-year-old occupied as she waits for her big sister to come home.

Both have been very enjoyable and time-consuming! We’ll see how next week goes. Thanks for sticking around as we finish up a very busy summer!

Life at the Moment…

Our “Counselor-in-Training” program is happening at camp right now, and I am very happy. These two weeks are some of my favorite of the whole year. The kids are great, and the time is spent focusing on discipleship, teaching, training, and getting to the deep issues of life. I love all of that.

And I get to teach a bunch of sessions, which always brings so much joy and energy to my life. If God asked me to do that kind of thing for the rest of my life, I would happily say, “Yes, please!”

Other than sessions, my involvement with CIT is pretty limited, but we are going to attempt the camping trip on the weekend. The CITs are always taken on a camping trip half-way through the program, and before Kaylia was born, our family would always go, too. Ben has taken Anika along the last two years, but this year we will be brave and all go together. We shall see what Kaylia does in a tent. (It could be a memorable experience….)