Choosing to Forgive

Can’t get this post by Ann Voskamp out of my head. I read it a week ago, and it still stays stuck there. If you love amazing Corrie ten Boom stories, or you ever struggle with forgiveness, then you should check it out!

I struggle with forgiveness. I spent years thinking that I had forgiven when my emotions were right and at peace – I hadn’t officially forgiven until my feelings weren’t hurt anymore. And saying “sorry” was important, but I didn’t say “I forgive you” out loud very often.

But Ben always said it – right after I said sorry! I was always amazed at how quickly he could get his emotions to cooperate! Until one day, when I asked him about it. And he told me that his emotions had nothing to do with it.

He said that he chose to forgive me. He said the words out loud, and the emotions caught up later, after he had made the decision to forgive.

Forgiveness is a choice, not an emotion.

I’m still working on that one, which is why Corrie ten Boom’s story hit me so hard. If anyone would know about choosing to forgive, it would be her.

So you should go read it, and then we’ll all have a very beautiful weekend full of forgiveness!