Around Here Right Now

Well, it’s been awhile since I’ve done one of these posts, so here’s a little bit of what we’re enjoying at our house these days:

1) Another photo wall!

I haven’t much effort into making our master bedroom look pretty, so I think it’s time to turn some attention to this poor, neglected room.

photo wall

I asked Ben if he inwardly groans when he comes home to see yet another wall filled with the now-familiar squares of paper which signal another photo wall.

He said no, but he does wish we could put one really big picture above our bed. I agree with him, but unfortunately, big is expensive, and photo walls are almost free! Once again, this one will use up frames and canvases that I already have around the house.

Thank goodness for a husband who doesn’t mind when I hang up millions of pictures.

And how many photo walls can one house have??! I have at least two more in mind…

2) Lisa Byrne’s new book, Replenish.

I was given an advanced copy to provide a review on Amazon before it’s published, and it is FANTASTIC. I am loving it. For any moms out there, definitely start thinking of buying this one when it comes out. I’ll be doing a review on my blog sometime soon.

3) Creamy Avocado and Rice Salad

I made this one up, which is highly unusual for me, but now I eat it all the time.

One day, I was craving, very specifically, some kind of nice, fresh salad for lunch. I wanted, very specifically, something crunchy, with rice in it, and some kind of creamy dressing to tie it all together. I searched for a very long time on Pinterest, and came up with nothing, which was quite disappointing.

Finally, I gave up in a huff, and thought, “Fine, I’ll make it up myself!!”

So I did.


I mixed up 1 1/2 cups of rice, 1/2 a cucumber and 1 pepper, both cut into small pieces. For the “dressing”, I mixed 1/2 an avocado with a bit of lemon juice, salt, and basil.

Very fast, summery, and perfect for those times when, like me, you are craving something crunchy/creamy/rice-y.

4) Easiest-ever method for cleaning a glass cooktop.

I found this method on Pinterest, and it works very well, and is super easy.


What are you enjoying around your house right now?