Around Here Right Now

So if I were being completely honest, I would write that around here, I’m not sleeping well, my back hurts, and five weeks never felt so long before. But since nobody needs to hear about that, I’m going to write about the stuff that’s awesome enough to bring joy in the midst of the waiting…:)

1) Coconut Whipped Cream

You guys, this stuff is amazing! Particularly for anyone avoiding dairy. If you stick a can of coconut milk in the fridge for a few hours, and scoop out the solid part (save the thin liquid for smoothies), you can make dairy-free whipped cream. Soooo delicious. I’ve asked Ben to bring me cans of coconut milk instead of flowers, whenever he feels a romantic urge.:)

coconut milk

2) Family Yoga


This is new, but completely awesome. I’ve done yoga every single night for a year straight, and cannot put into words how much it has improved my life. Still going strong at 35 weeks pregnant, and couldn’t survive without it.

Recently, I asked my massage therapist for tips on keeping Anika in good shape, now that she’s started taking violin lessons. After having dealt with a musician’s injury for so many years, I want to keep her back, neck, and arm muscles strong and healthy. His advice? Yoga, with me!

I also asked him about Ben’s knees – he’s had knee surgery already, and commented the other day that most likely, his knees will be the first thing to go. Guess what – yoga for him, too!!

And of course, Kaylia just joined in, because everybody else was doing it, but her comments were so hilarious, it was hard for any of us to take anything seriously.

My evening yoga routine used to be very relaxed and focused, so the atmosphere has changed drastically, but it brings such joy to my heart to see my whole family doing Downward Facing Dog poses in the living room!! I’m hoping this is something that will stick…

3) Getting Ready for Baby

Almost there – I have a few things to cross off my list, and then I can relax at night, because we will be READY!! Kaylia arrived at 36 weeks, so my doctor has told me to be ready! But she’s also told me we could be waiting until 40 weeks, there’s really no way to know. It will just feel better when everything is all set to go….

baby room

4) Invitation to Solitude and Silence

Invitation to Solitude and Silence

This is what I get up and read at night when I can’t sleep – loving it so much! Focusing on quiet rest is exactly what my frantic mind is craving right now. It’s an interesting exercise to spend focused time with God, but not speaking to Him – just being.

What have you been enjoying lately? Please share – I need new ideas!!