Family, City, Love

There are a bunch of things that I love.

I love my family.

I love exploring.

I love old buildings.

I love being a tourist in unexpected places.

I love photography.

I love doing fun things for free.

We took a day in the city to do all of those things. And I loved it. Two observations, though – I love pictures taken from behind people, but…a lot of the time, I’m taking those types of pictures because I’m always trailing behind my family with my camera in front of my face. There is a limit as to how much that should happen.

And also? As much as I love having pictures of all these fun times, I can’t have as much fun with my family if I’m always taking pictures. I’m photographing my family having fun…without me. Well, that’s just no good. So I consciously put the camera away after awhile on Monday. Next time I’ll do it earlier!

Home Sweet Home

Just got back from two crazy days in the city. It is quite astonishing how much money we are capable of spending in such a short time. But when we only venture out into civilization every couple of weeks, there are quite a lot of groceries and appointments and errands and household needs and many other things that we acquire and take care of during those trips to the city.

This trip was not “all work and no play”, however. We met up with our friends, Trevor and Terra-Lee, for a night out. We live at camp together, and it feels weird if we don’t see each other basically every day, but there’s just something different about spending time together away from camp. Like two worlds colliding….camp life and city life… It was a very pleasant collision.

We went out and ate food together that was not camp food. How strange and new. And then we went to a 3-D movie and enjoyed our new glasses. Those were also strange and new.

And I have nothing deep or meaningful to say, other than saying that we are safely back at home. (Safe, but smelly – we hit a skunk.)

We’ll try for deep and meaningful next time. Right now, I’m going to bed!