Gingerbread House: To Eat or Not to Eat? That is the Question…

Anika: “Mommy, can I pleeeeeeeeease have another jelly bean?

Kendra: “Anika, I don’t want you to keep begging for more candy the entire time we’re trying to do this.”

Anika: “Okay, I won’t. I might just sneak a few.

Quick tip: For those of you who read this post, you will know that Ben does not particularly look forward to our Christmas tradition of building a gingerbread house. He’s a good sport (most of the time!), but he would be fine if we would leave this tradition out.

However, this year we tried something new. We weren’t able to buy one of those little kits, so we made our own…And it worked out fantastic! The icing is super easy and quick, graham crackers are cheap, and we used up all the Christmas and Halloween candy the girls had received. Win, win, and win.

It was much easier to assemble than the bought kits, and it was more fun, because we could make whatever we wanted to. (Although I did really miss the pre-cut evergreen tree…Kaylia had her heart set on a tree. I tried my best….)

I think a new tradition was born last night!