Cheesecake, Beth Moore, and Changing the World…

In my dreams, I am Beth Moore.

I have this secret wish to speak and teach and write books and change the world.

Presently, I am a stay-at-home mom, living out in the bush so far from civilization that I have to drive 20 minutes just to pick up my mail.

Changing the world seems highly improbable at this point in my life.

So here’s what I’m learning right now: God is calling me to be faithful in the little things.

It definitely helps that my “little things” are cute and lovable!

On most days. But I’m a normal mom. Some days, the “little things” are grumpy and frustrating, and doing laundry or washing dishes, when it will all just get dirty again in about 2 seconds, seems like a very far cry from changing the world.

But what I’m learning is that there aren’t insignificant things with God. He asks us to be faithful in everything, whether we’re called to do the big stuff or the small stuff.

Whether we’re called to be Beth Moore, or Kendra Dueck. Or whoever.

And when He is in it, it can’t be insignificant.

For example. I went to Providence College for 3 years, and during that time, my friends and I discovered that the nearby, unexciting little town of Niverville had a restaurant  that served the best cheescake in the world. We went there often.

That’s all that Niverville meant to me – great cheesecake.

Fast-forward a few years, and there I was with my new husband, feeling strongly that God was calling us into youth ministry at a church in …Niverville.

Our 5 1/2 years there were incredible. Life-changing.

Niverville on it’s own may not be wildly exciting. With God, it’s a completely different story that goes far beyond cheesecake.

So the ordinary things, if they are God’s things, can be pretty unbelievably fantastic.

You just have to see things His way.

This is what saves me – that for now, I am right where He wants me to be, so that makes this ordinary little life of mine the best possible thing for me.

I love it. And I also love that I have absolutely no clue what’s coming next. Isn’t that funny? I used to be the type of person that had a 5 year plan. I needed to know at least that many years in advance what I was going to do next.

But God used a series of events that led me to chuck the 5 year plan.

Now, all I know is that God has surprised me enough times in my life that I’ve learned there’s no way to predict the future. I’m just trusting that it will be way beyond anything that I could ever figure out for myself.

In the meantime, I will enjoy this life that He’s blessed me with, because it’s a pretty amazing life. I will be a good steward of everything He’s given me, so that I’m ready for whatever comes next.

Beth Moore or no Beth Moore.