Soup Dawn

Just came across this great description of what it feels like to be in the presence of true friends:

Because, when I talk to Amy (and a small handful of other dear, darling kindred spirit pals), I feel so thankful to be me.  I feel witty and smart, and shocked beyond belief that this wittier, smarter, significantly more saavy person would actually call me friend.  I’m a fan of friends.  Good friends.  The kind that warm you to the bone.  Make you comfy in your own skin.  Make you happy, happy, grateful and happy to be you.

You know what makes that quote even better? She was writing a post about soup! Yes, soup. But first she wrote about the warmth of good friends. And I connected instantly with that quote.

I heard once that the people you enjoy being with the most are the people who make you feel like the best possible version of yourself. That doesn’t mean that you want to be with good friends just so that you’ll feel better about yourself, but it sure is a fantastic bonus!

Right now I need a bonus. I’ve just been in some situations that made me feel like the worst version of myself, and left me wondering if I’m really that bad. You know those moments when some ugly stuff comes to the surface. It’s good to deal with them, but they leave you feeling a little raw.

And that’s when a good friend comes and soothes those raw places. I am so thankful for each and every friend that God has sent into my life that sticks around for the raw times.

Lucky for me, I get to see one of my dearest friends this week. I’ve known her forever. Like, kindergarten. It took me awhile to realize the amazingness that was before me all along, but since I did, she’s been inspiring me and loving me, challenging me, and then soothing my raw patches. And then she moved very far away, and I haven’t seen her in a couple of years, but this is the week when that changes.

And she is always my “bonus” – the person that I love to be with and want to give love and friendship to, but the also the one who gives so much back to me, because she makes me see all that I could be, and makes me feel privileged just to be called her friend.

Funny enough, today is her birthday. I never intended to sit down and write a post like this, but the soup post inspired me, and my friend Dawn inspires me, so it all comes together in the end! Never thought to compare her to soup before, but it works. She fills my life with warmth and comfort.

What about you? Do you have someone who lets you see the best version of yourself? Wishing you the warmth and comfort of good people in your life!

Blog Bonanza

Just for fun, I decided that I’d share with you all a few of my favorite blogs. No idea what kinds of tastes/interests are out there, but maybe you’ll find something you like as much as I do!

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Have fun! I’ll be back tomorrow with a “Been Thinking About” post. See you then!