Fall Canoe Ride

Yesterday was perfect and beautiful outside. I love fall. I think I’ve said that about 50 times in the last month.

And I really love canoeing, so when Ben told us that the Pursuit students were going canoeing, we decided that our family should tag along. It was a great afternoon. Until Kaylia refused to sit down in the canoe and proceeded to let everyone around the lake know that she did not want to, and then the peace and beauty was a little harder to notice.

But we’ll pretend that part didn’t happen. 🙂

(We’ll also pretend that the Pursuit students were not trying to drown a mouse while we were out there.)

See, if you focus on the positive, life is pretty much perfect…

Weekend Favorites

Every Monday I am faced with the same dilemma – I have a collection of wonderful, random moments that stick out in my mind as being my favorite moments of the weekend, but how do I decide which ones to share? How do I connect these random bits of wonderfulness into one cohesive blog post?

This weekend, I decided to make my life easier. I’ll share all the favorite moments, and I won’t worry about connecting them, because part of the wonder is in the unexpected, in the surprises of delight that come to us when we slow down enough for them to catch us. So here they are: My favorite moments of the weekend…

1. Racing Canoes in the Sunshine

Every fall, Steinbach Bible College comes to camp for a retreat, and they have a giant canoe race. It is highly anticipated by students and staff, and Ben still gets excited about it, too – his glory days at SBC are still fresh in the memory, and he did his own fair share of canoe racing.

So every year, our family joins in the festivities by riding along in the “rescue boat”. When we are out there, on the water, in the sunshine, feeling the excitement and energy of all those students, there is no other place I would rather be.

2. Discovering a New Treat!

For all of you who liked the Banana Ice Cream post, I’ve got a new delicious discovery to share with you! It’s called Coconut Cream (recipe found here), and it is amazing. Oh my goodness. If you like macaroons, and you like healthy treats that can be eaten guilt-free and with much-pleasure, then you have got to try this one out. So easy.

You throw some coconut into the food processor (which was still in the dishwasher getting cleaned from being used for Banana Ice Cream, obviously), blend it until it starts to get smooth, add a few tablespoons of coconut oil (which is crazy healthy for you), and blend it until its all creamy. You can add nuts or raisins or whatever you feel like, but for our first time making it, Anika wanted chocolate chips. Since I wanted this to be the most positive experience possible (so that the girls will actually want to eat it again in the future!), we went with chocolate chips.

And I cannot describe to you how yummy it was. But I will say this: I’m not supposed to have chocolate chips, and I had NO intentions of eating any of it, but Kaylia didn’t finish hers, so I decided to take a tiny little taste, purely out of curiosity. I really was only going to take one bite, but the next second, I had inhaled all of it. My stomach didn’t feel too great after, but my tongue and my brain were in food heaven.

So delicious. Thick, rich, creamy. We ate it too fast to take pictures.

3. Enjoying the warm weather. I love fall. Especially this fall. Especially on slow, peaceful Sunday afternoons when Ben and I can sit outside and watch the girls play:

The girls were swinging and singing “Ring Around the Rosy” at the top of their lungs.

The sun was shining through the trees.


It was quite wonderful.

Hope you had a wonderful weekend, too!