My Imaginery Meeting Place

I’ve slowly been working my way through the book Can You Hear Me? for a few months now, and I keep feeling blown away by the awesome teaching on prayer offered in those pages. Completely loving it. And really wanting to finish it before Baby comes, cause who knows how much time I’ll have for reading then!

But I find it’s not a book you can read quickly – there’s so much to take in!

What I’ve been working on recently is the idea of having an imaginary meeting place where you go to pray and meet with God. It sounded kind of weird to me at first – the author described his meeting place as a quiet, secret, secluded cave. He imagines himself going in, sitting down by the fire, and spending time with God.

A cave doesn’t appeal to me at all, and I was trying to take this in, wondering what the point might exactly be, when it struck me – I totally have a meeting place!! Without even knowing this could be a “thing”, I’ve had one for over a year, and it came about in a strange sort of way…

Finding My Meeting Place

Every month, for the last three years, I’ve gone for a massage appointment/torture session with my therapist, Nigel. The pain is excruciating – I come home with bruises. There is nothing relaxing about this message, but it’s what keeps the pain and discomfort in my body under control for about four weeks, until it’s time to go again! I keep subjecting myself to it because it works.

It is fairly common to be sitting in the waiting room before my appointment, and hear the person ahead of me crying out in pain, swearing, gasping, etc. One time, a large black man came into the waiting room with a sheepish look on his face. “I guess you heard that?” he asked me.

I quickly assured him that I understood completely, and would probably sound just as bad when it was my turn.

And it was always the same – I would cry, sweat, and writhe my way through an hour long appointment, with no idea how to handle that kind of pain.

But one day, I was doing some reading on meditation, and I thought, “If I can just meditate hard enough to distance myself from what’s happening to my body, maybe I would be able to handle it a bit better.”

So at my next appointment, I decided to recite Scripture in my head. The passage I knew the best was Psalm 23, so for an hour straight, I said that Psalm to myself over and over and over again.

It was amazing.

It was actually possible to separate my mind from my body – I put all of my energy into imagining that green pasture, and walking by those quiet waters. I hung onto Jesus like never before, until He consumed my thoughts, and I made it through the hour without making a peep.

Having such success, I tried it again the next month. And again, and again, until now, a year later, I can report that I’m still doing the same thing. I’ve tried switching to different passages, but keep going back to my pasture!! It’s become my meeting place.


I’m trying to think of good reasons for why it’s necessary to have such a place, but it’s difficult to put into words – the closest thing I can compare it to is the feeling you get when you come home after being gone for awhile, and you’re tired, and the comfort and familiarity of your own place hits the spot like nothing else can.

That’s how I feel about my pasture – in my mind, I go to that place with green grass and trees, and clear fresh water, and it feels like I belong – I’ve “been” there so many times, and it’s where Jesus has “met” me, and strengthened and comforted me, and I keep wanting to go back.

He restores my soul there! What could be better?!

What a Meeting Place Could Look Like

Maybe reading all of that sounds as weird to you as the cave sounded to me. And maybe that’s okay, because you need to go get your own spot! I was thinking about how many places in Scripture would make such fantastic meeting places – the Garden of Gethsemane, or the shore of the Sea of Galilee.

But maybe it doesn’t even need to be something like that – I once heard a speaker talk about how she always imagines Jesus sitting on her bed, waiting for her. When she comes into the room, His eyes light up with such love and joy, it takes her breath away. She imagines herself climbing into His lap, and feeling completely secure and at peace.

Your meeting place could be anywhere, really. But one thing I love the most is that it uses our imaginations, which were given to us by God, and can be used by Him to deepen our connection with Him.

So now I’m curious – does anybody else have a special meeting place? Have you ever imagined yourself meeting with Jesus in a particular spot?

Taking the Path to Peace

I’m always interested in hearing what other people have to say about determining God’s will, and this week, I came across something that makes the most sense yet!

“I simply proceed by faith on the path of greatest peace (not the path of least resistance).” (Can You Hear Me?, Brad Jersak)

That stuck, the moment I read it. It just made sense to me. And then I had the chance to try it out right away!

I’ve been stressed over the last couple of weeks. We’ve had some big decisions to make, and my brain generally gets a lot more mileage out of these situations than Ben’s does. He is perfectly content to wait and see what happens, and he just trusts that things will become clear with time. But once again, I was putting a lot of energy into making decisions, and trying to figure out the very best solutions to each of the situations we were facing.

When I read the quote about the path of greatest peace, I put it to the test. I brought the situations to God, and I asked, “What would bring the most peace? I don’t care about what’s easiest, I just want peace.”

And immediately, I knew what needed to be done.

It became perfectly clear to me.

One situation had an easy solution, and the other actually seemed to call for the more difficult choice, but Ben and I both felt complete peace about that choice – it was not “the path of least resistance”.

It brought a lot of joy to me when I realized once again that seeking God’s best will bring peace, even if it’s the tougher option. Only He can do that, hey? It makes me wonder why I’m afraid of what His will might be – I can slip into thinking it will seem hard or horrible. And yet it will always be what brings the greatest amount of peace, even if it’s the tougher option.

So on this beautiful Friday, I wish you a wonderful weekend, filled with His peace!

Where is God in This?

I’m still slowly making my way through the amazing book Can You Hear Me? and loving it more all the time. I definitely recommend this book!!

Can You Hear Me?

What I’ve been loving recently is a little prayer exercise of asking God where He is (or was) in a situation.

For example, a painful memory from the past – “Where were you when this happened, Father?”

Or a Bible story – if I were in that story, where would God be? I tried it with the story of the Israelites crossing the Red Sea, and immediately got a picture in my mind of walking through those walls of water with Jesus right by my side. It was such an incredible reminder of His presence beside me in any situation.

I prayed that prayer for a friend’s little girl who was facing some health issues, and saw a picture in my mind of God holding her in His hands.

And another time, for a friend’s little boy, and this time, it was a picture of God following that little boy, watching him with pride as he ran ahead.

He is there in everything, but it’s hard to remember that, when we feel afraid or alone. I love this idea of asking Him to show us where He is.