Love Covers Over

This morning, I was sitting on my couch and looking out the window at the trees. Everything was sparkling, white, and beautiful. Everything was covered with crystals.


Suddenly, the verse popped into my mind: Love covers over a multitude of wrongs.

These last few days, I feel like I’ve been needing some extra covering. When patience runs short, and things get a bit bumpy at our house, I love the idea of my wrongs being covered.

frosty branch

But as I sat there looking out the window at the world transformed in white, it suddenly hit me:

God’s love doesn’t just cover me – it transforms me.


He doesn’t just cover over my mistakes so that I look like Kendra-who-doesn’t-do-anything-wrong.

He transforms me into something completely new and different.

On a morning like this, everything looks different.

frosty grass

Let His love make me different, too.

In Search of Spring and a New Perspective

Whenever I need a change in perspective, I take my camera for a drive, and go find something pretty to photograph.


Yesterday was one of those days when I needed to get some new perspective. I was also hoping to find some spring.

Unfortunately, taking pictures around Niverville after six months of snow can get a little repetitive. I only have about three bunches of trees to photograph, so I was wondering if there was anything interesting left to find.



I had to work a little harder than usual, meaning that I waded through snowdrifts up past my knees, and I had to put more effort into being creative, but I came back feeling quite refreshed from the challenge.


And guess what – I did find spring! The snow is sticky and heavy, as though it doesn’t have much time left, and every branch holds the promise of buds, a few months from now.

Having conquered my challenge, I drove home to join my sweet family in the snow. They had been building forts while I was gone, and were ready to move on to snowdrift jumping.







We played until we were wet and rosy-cheeked, and then we went inside for soup and toast.


It was a perfect winter afternoon,  and knowing that it’s one of our last made it even better!