Around Here Right Now

Without really meaning to, it seems as though I’ve made this type of post a regular thing. When I went back over old posts, I realized that I do this kind of thing about every two months. According to my trend, it’s time for another “Around Here Right Now” post.

I am currently enjoying…

This book:

Naked Spirituality

A friend told me about it, and I am so glad she did! It is such a great read – very challenging, but with simple, practical suggestions for introducing spiritual disciplines into regular life.

The book is based on the idea that spiritual growth follows seasons: “Spring” is a season of spiritual awakening, “Summer” is a season of spiritual strengthening, “Fall” is the season of spiritual surviving, and “Winter” is the season of spiritual deepening.

I’m still working on the “Spring” section, but have many thoughts which I’ll be sharing with you soon!

This super-simple salmon recipe:


Supper could not get any more simple. Seriously. And so delicious. I’m making it again tonight!

This artwork:


The girls have been coloring up a storm. Kaylia has been especially busy with it, sitting at the table for most of the day, cranking out picture after picture. Hands with twenty fingers each are a personal favorite.

These photo books:

photo books

I made these books before Christmas, but haven’t had much time to keep up with photos in the New Year.

But as of this week, I’ve gotten all of our photos from 2013 into photo books! (I was sick all week, and looking for something productive-yet-lazy to do. Photo books were the perfect option!)

I love using Blurb  – very easy to use, good quality, and reasonably priced.

This TV show:


Oh, I tried to hold out for so long. Everybody everywhere kept talking about Downton Abbey, and I was not going to get hooked.

But then my friend told me she thought I would really love it, so I gave it a try, and…now you know what else I’ve done this week besides Blurb photo books! Season One – done! Yikes….

This cookbook:

Clean Start

A friend borrowed it to me, and it’s a good one! Our family especially loves the Chocolate Macaroons and the Blueberry Tart. I have a long list of recipes I want to try from it.


That’s a lot of books and food, hey?! I see a pattern developing here….

Reminds me of this quote I found today:

“You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy books, and that’s kind of the same thing.”

What have you been enjoying recently?