The Saddest Thing I’ve Seen All Summer

Maybe I just need to get out more, or maybe God is finally giving me a soft heart for the smaller creatures of this world, but I was almost in tears this week because of this poor pigeon:


It’s been living in the roof of the new house being built next door, and until yesterday, we would see it disappearing into a hole in the roof many times a day.

Yesterday, there was much activity going on at the new house. I didn’t pay much attention to what kind of work was being done, but a loud flapping sound suddenly drew my attention to the roof. That poor pigeon was flying back and forth, looking for the opening into the roof, to get to it’s nest. Alas, the opening was all covered up:

roofI have never actually seen a confused bird before, but there was no mistaking, this bird was confused. It kept flying back and forth, again and again, searching for its home.

Then it disappeared for awhile, and I was very curious about what Poor Pigeon was up to. Suddenly, I saw a head peek out of the eaves trough on the opposite end of the house. That bird was checking out every possible option for getting into the roof.

It made me laugh, and then I just kind of felt like crying. Completely ridiculous, but really? Maybe we all feel a little bit like the pigeon sometimes. A little lost, a little confused. Things are not as they should be, and we flounder for a little while, trying to figure out Plan B.

PigeonI didn’t see Pigeon today. Anika thought maybe he would head south early. I had my doubts. Will he start building a new nest, even though it doesn’t really pay? I have no idea how these things work for homeless pigeons.

But carry on, Brave Pigeon! Somewhere, you will find a place to call home!