Oh, How I Love the Back of Her Head!

The other day, I was reading this post about stopping to appreciate the ordinary miracles that are so easy to miss in the busyness of life.

I thought about that yesterday, when I went to peek into Kaylia’s room to see if she had fallen asleep for her nap.

There she lay, peaceful and beautiful, giving me a perfect view of the back of her head…

Eight years ago, when Ben and I were nervously expecting our first baby, we went for that first ultrasound – that first glimpse of our miracle. And there she was, amazing and healthy, giving me a perfect view of the back of her head.

She looked just like me….from the back!

I have this baby picture of me from the back, and the second I saw Anika for the first time, I was overcome. We were seeing our baby! Our baby! She belonged. She had my head.

Fast-forward through all those years of infertility, all those nights of praying, crying, hoping for a sibling for Anika, wondering if God would bless us so richly a second time, and imagining what Little Person Number Two would look like – like Anika, like us, belonging perfectly in our family…

Fast-forward through all of that, and there we were for another ultrasound, and the very first glimpse we got of Kaylia was of the back of her head! And she looked just like Anika. Just like me.

As she grows older, that view of the shape of her head will probably be covered up with thick long hair, just like her sister’s, the same color as their daddy’s, but I will never forget those first glimpses.

So as she lay there in her crib yesterday, I was struck again by the view of the back of her head. She’s ours. And she belongs perfectly.