Anniversary ABCs

Today is our 15th anniversary. As I was thinking about this week, the two big things on my mind were our anniversary and school starting, which resulted in my idea to write some anniversary ABCs for my dear Ben, which I’m sure he’ll find really cheesy, but we’ll go with it.;)

usAlways able to make me laugh in any situation.

Brilliant at making gravy, pancakes, or stir-fry. (Not at the same time!)

Calm and caring.

Doesn’t say unkind things about people.

Eats anything, willing to try everything, and is not picky about what I cook.

Fun-loving and playful.

Generous and gentle.

Helpful and willing to do whatever he can around the house.



Keeps getting more handsome with each year.:)

Listens amazingly well and never interrupts.

Massages like a professional.

Never loses his temper.

Outgoing and friendly.


Quick to apologize and forgive.

Respectful of other people.

Speaks logic and insight into my stressful situations.

Turns on music to make the work more fun.:)


Valuable opinions about getting along with people and understanding what makes them tick.


eXcellent at bringing fun into any situation.

Young at heart.

Zany sense of humour.

Being married to Ben is the best thing ever! I’m sure we’ll do something terribly romantic to celebrate tonight, like…take Anika to Junior Youth for the first time, give Kaylia a bath, clean up the kitchen, and watch our latest favorite show after making kale chips! Or something like that. Hopefully we can get away for something a little more out of the ordinary sometime soon!