6 Things I Learned This Fall

Even though it’s December, I feel like I can’t fully turn my focus to Christmas until I’ve taken some time to reflect on what made fall great. Emily P. Freeman is so good at providing inspiration and reflective questions on her blog, and I’ve found it so helpful to look back and think about what […]

Taking One Day at a Time

If you’ve been reading my blog for awhile, you might remember that I’ve been planking as a way to deal with back pain. (Sometimes people ask what I mean by planking – I’m referring to holding your body in a horizontal position by your forearms and toes, and it is as awful as it sounds!!) […]

3 Steps to Take During Uncertainty

Ben and I are going through a period of uncertainty right now. There are some things we’re praying about, and trying to discern our next steps. For most of my life, I’ve hated these kinds of situations. I want to have a plan, and know exactly what’s going to happen. But this last year, God […]

Favourite Podcasts

Today I’m sharing the podcasts I listen to the most. You guys, I loooove podcasts so much!! I listen to them every single day. In the morning I listen to a message or devotional type of podcast. If I’m driving somewhere, I’ll listen to something, and every night when I have a bath, I fit […]

Health Favourites

Hey, everybody! This is Day 3 in my week of birthday favourites. (You can read more about that here.) Leave a comment to let me know what you’re loving right now, and have your name entered in a draw for an Amazon gift card! Today’s list of favourites is all about the healthy stuff. This […]

Friends With Time (and how I’m dealing with a midlife crisis)

“Maybe you’re having a midlife crisis,” Ben suggested one evening, as we were getting ready for bed. I scoffed at this idea, because I’ve always associated midlife crises with men much older than me, who spontaneously buy red convertibles, and leave more buttons undone on their shirts than usual to reveal gold chains nestled among […]