Birthday Boy

Everett turned five last week. Ben is totally fine with it, but all us girls are like, “WE NEED A PUPPY BECAUSE WE HAVE NO BABY TO SNUGGLE!!!!!”


Other than Everett having no time for kisses and hugs anymore, this stage is super fun with him. He is smart, funny, fiercely independent, and creative. He always knows EXACTLY what he wants or thinks about a situation. He may or may not tell you.

My grandma called to wish him a happy birthday, and when he got off the phone, I asked him, “Did you have a good chat with Great Grandma?”

He replied, “I’m not telling. It’s a secret.”


Usually, I’m okay with my kids having birthdays, and don’t let myself slip too much into the whole “They’re growing up too fast!!!!!” mindset. But this fall, Anika turned 16, and Everett turned 5, and somehow that all felt like a lot to take in.

Fortunately, his cheeks still get all saggy and soft while he’s sleeping, he still climbs onto my lap for stories sometimes, and he says “pupcakes” instead of cupcakes, so we’re okay for now. As long as the growing up happens slowly, I don’t feel too overwhelmed.

Because right now is fun. He’s just a lot of fun. He makes up songs while he plays, everything flies or explodes in his imagination, and he keeps us laughing with his quick sense of humour and the mischievous twinkle in his eye.

When a friend of mine received the family picture we sent out at Christmas time a couple of years ago, she said with delight, “He looks like trouble, in the best possible way!” That sums it up well – we won’t be coasting with this third kid of ours, but we’re having fun and we all love him like crazy!


Now if Facebook would just stop showing me pictures of Baby Everett, I think I could wrap my head around the fact that our sweet boy is five!


Photo credit: Morgan Braun

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