Exciting News and a Contest!

This is an exciting week at our house!

Ben launched his new business called Cantera Leadership yesterday, and we feel like celebrating. It’s a leadership development, coaching, and consulting company, and he’s working with leaders and teams – in person and online.


I’m so excited for him, because it’s been a dream of his for a long time, and he’s amazing at it. I’ve watched him work with people over the twenty years that I’ve known him, and am always amazed by his ability to draw people in, encourage and support them. He’s the best listener ever, and he’s got so much patience, wisdom, kindness, and creativity.

Ben got a Master’s of Arts in Leadership years ago, but this fall, he decided to go to Chicago to get certified as a Gallup Strengthsfinder coach. I am fascinated. I love all different kinds of personality analysis methods, but this one is different and I have loved listening to Ben explain how it works. In the past, a lot of leadership training focused on improving areas of weakness, but Strengthsfinder is all about building your talents so you can use your strengths in a more effective way. It makes so much more sense to develop the things you’re good at, and learn how to utilize strengths instead of weakness.

To complete his certification, Ben needed to do some practice coaching, so I was one of his guinea pigs. It was very interesting to hear him explain how my top strengths impact the way I interact with people, how I parent, and how I prioritize things in my life. After talking about it with him, I recognize these things popping up in everything I do. Suddenly I’m understanding a deeper reason for what frustrates me, or why things are important to me. Our session brought a lot of clarity, and some very interesting viewpoints to consider that I wasn’t even aware of.

It seems like such a fantastic tool, and I’m really excited to see what Ben will be able to do with it.

To celebrate the launch of his new business, Ben is running a contest right now. Anyone who enters is eligible to win a free coaching session with him, so be sure to head over here to enter!

You can learn more by checking out his website as well!

Of course, you should also consider having him coach you, or if you are part of a business, work with your team to increase your effectiveness!

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