Date Your Inner Artist

This summer, a friend and I decided to read The Artist’s Way together. It’s a book about freeing your inner creativity and opening yourself up to all the wonderful things inside that you might not even know are there.It’s wonderful and delightful and extremely uncomfortable. I’m seeing some patterns in myself which I don’t particularly enjoy. Mostly, I just don’t allow myself to have very much fun. I’m extremely task-oriented, so it’s proving difficult to complete my assignments each week. These include reading a chapter, answering some questions, writing three pages each morning, and going on an “Artist’s Date” once a week.I love the reading, and I like thinking about the questions, but I’m struggling with writing three pages every single day, and the worst part of all is making myself go on Artist’s Dates!! I have a million things to do, and if I’m not doing them, I’m perfectly happy to sit outside and just think. But to make myself go out and actually do something is really, really hard, apparently.My friend is an artist, so she happily skips off with her sketch book and loves her Artist’s Dates, but I’ve found it hard to even come up with ideas for what I want to do. I’ve picked blueberries, read fiction outside under the trees, and one time I went on a photography spree while we were staying at the cabin.I took pictures of the same flowers from different angles. I searched for interesting light shining through the trees. I noticed which weeds caught the evening light in the prettiest ways.I wasn’t even gone that long, but as I made my way back through the bush to the cabin, I felt that good feeling I get when I’ve created something. I went out and noticed things, and because I took pictures of them, other people will notice, too.I used to take far more time for photography, but somehow the busyness of life has kept me from doing something which gives me joy.As hard as it is for me to set aside the “To Do” lists, and make time for creating, that feeling I had when I came out of the bush is worth pursuing. I need to be sure to do more of that in the future.What do you do to make room for creativity? I need more ideas for my Artist’s Dates, so please share!!

2 thoughts on “Date Your Inner Artist

  1. Hi Kendra! A mutual friend shared this with me and I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the photos you shared. I’m an avid hiker but I rarely take time to capture moments like the soul-filling images you shared here. I also remember many years ago as a new mom trying (and failing miserably) to tackle “The Artist’s Way.” I’m so happy that you had better luck. At the end of the day as humans we are driven by an innate need to create. Dorothy Sayers has some fascinating essays on why this is true. And gives me some justification to let the chores go and sit down to knit now and again. Enjoy your day and thanks again for sharing!

    • Thank you so much for your kind and thoughtful words! 🙂 Yes, “The Artist’s Way” is a big challenge to tackle, and I can’t imagine doing it as a new mom!!! This has been my second attempt! The only reason I stuck with it was because of doing it with a friend who holds me accountable! And I agree, you should absolutely let some chores go, and enjoy some knitting!!! Thanks for taking the time to share you thoughts!

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