Ben’s New Job!

We’re walking around here feeling like our load is much, much lighter these days, because Ben got a job! It’s been quite a journey over these last few months, and it feels like I’ve been waiting to write this post for a long time, to share what God has been doing. I’m so delighted to finally be able to do so!

Late last fall, Ben decided to resign from his role as Executive Director at the Steinbach Chamber of Commerce to explore new opportunities. It was a hard decision, for many reasons, and it was a stressful time. He was excited about a number of potential new directions, but we didn’t know if anything would pan out. There was a lot of uncertainty and financial questions, and all the kind of stuff which makes me very anxious, because I do not have Ben’s gift of embracing the unknown as an adventure. He was excited, and I was a mess. I’ll post more tomorrow about what God’s been teaching us during this past season of waiting, uncertainty, and trusting Him to lead us.

But for today, I’m excited to share that Ben has recently joined SCOPE Leadership Development as a partner with Darrell Kehler, who began the company just over two years ago. SCOPE has been growing, and right around the time Ben resigned from the Chamber, Darrell was considering expanding. Just over a month ago they shook hands to finalize months of discussions.

Ben has talked about this kind of opportunity ever since he got his Masters in Leadership years ago. It didn’t happen in the way we expected, but it’s exciting to see how God has worked out the details.

If you happen to know of anybody needing a team of the best consultants ever, you can check out their website right here, or head on over to Facebook. Be sure to follow their page to see some of the exciting things they’re up to!

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