Kaylia Turns Nine

Today is our sweet girl’s birthday! Excitement has been building for about the last 363 days, which happens every year, so we should get a brief reprieve for the next couple of days, and then things will start amping up for next year.

It felt like this last year was a time of Kaylia becoming more herself – figuring out what she likes, who she is, how to express herself, finding her own little place in the world.

She divides her time four ways:

1) Curled up with a book on the little white chair in the corner of our living room

2) Coming up with all kinds of crafty creations at the kitchen table

3) Playing on the living room floor with Everett, often making fascinating things out of Lego

4) Playing with the neighbour kids down the street

She’s such an intriguing mix of things – quiet and hesitant in big groups of people, but full of witty comments, silly voices and songs, and mischievous grins when she’s with people she’s comfortable with. She doesn’t want to do new things, but when we can convince her to try and she finds that she likes it, she’s bursting with excitement, enthusiasm, and fun. When she’s happy, she wants to be with all her friends, and when she’s sad, she wants to be completely alone. Her thoughts run very deep, and will only come out in her own time, when she curls up beside me, and shares her thoughts in her quiet little voice.

She makes you work for the good stuff deep inside her, but then makes it completely worth all your effort. She is sweet and sensitive and kind. She makes life colourful and interesting and funny.

I’m delighted by her every day, and love watching her change and grow. I can’t imagine what this next year will hold for her, because life with Kaylia is always full of surprises.


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