Mother Daughter Camp 

What a weekend! We had such a fantastic time at the Mother Daughter retreat at Red Rock Bible Camp this last weekend. The weather was insanely beautiful, and it was so good to be back there! A bunch of our friends attended the retreat with us, and my girls had tons of fun doing camp activities with their friends. 

Everett was in his glory. The skating rink! The camp dog! The snowmobiles! He couldn’t stop talking about his “adventures”, and when it was time to leave, he told Ben to take the girls home, and he would stay at camp with Mommy. 🙂

The sessions went great, as well. I’ve never felt as little stress about speaking at a retreat before, partly because I was able to tell stories and speak on a topic I love, and partly because I brought my fan club with me. Now I just want to take them everywhere! I would pour out everything in me at a session, and then my wonderful friends would fill me back up with all the encouragement,  feedback, and words of blessing I needed to go back and do it all over again the next time.

It was such a beautiful mix of doing something I love, in a place I love, with the people I love! There were so many familiar faces, and it was great to spend time catching up with people. There was a hay ride around Turtle Island, which I’ve never done before, even after all these years of enjoying camp, and it was so much fun. Walking in the sunset down the camp road was another highlight – the smell in the air, the trees, every familiar bend in the road made me feel so happy to be back. 

And then it was suddenly over and time to go home, with that full, satisfied feeling which comes on the last day of a retreat, and everything I’ve been thinking about and planning for over the last few months is suddenly finished. I opened up my Bible this morning and said, “What’s next?!” to God. I’m ready for the next challenge, going forward with lessons learned and beautiful memories stored up from this fantastic weekend. 

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