Everett Turns Three

Our sweet boy turns three today!! Three years of wonderfulness, with a lot of spice thrown in.

He is such a sweet, cuddly, playful, fiercely independent, determined little boy, and we are all delighted with him. He’s funny and imaginative, and is more in tune with people’s emotions than anyone I’ve ever met.

He answers to many names – Bud,  Pumpkin, Buddy-Boo, Evvy-Oo, Muffin, Snuggums, Peanut, Snugglebum, etc. But he will not tolerate being called “cute” – he always says, “I’m not cute, I’m Everett.”

Someone said to me the other day, “He must have three mothers.” And it’s true. He puts up with it fairly well, and is very devoted to his sisters. When he gets a treat for going potty, “the girlies” must have one too.

He gives me plenty of opportunities to develop patience, because he is so determined to do everything by himself, whether it’s physically possible or not. I do a lot of deep breathing in the corner, forcing myself to calm down/slow down while I wait for him to eventually figure out that he must give in and accept help.

I often think about how close we were to missing him – how there wasn’t supposed to be another baby, and I’m thankful every single day that God blessed us with the miracle of Everett. He is my constant reminder that no matter how impossible something seems, we really have no idea how it will all turn out, because God has endless amounts of surprises up his sleeve.

And so we celebrate Everett’s birthday today, but we also celebrate so much more, as we think about all God has done for our family. He is so good, and our sweet boy is the best little miracle I could ever hope for.

Photo credit: Morgan Braun

2 thoughts on “Everett Turns Three

  1. I always love what you have to say Everett. He sounds like a great kid and i like it that he’s never taken for granted. I wish we lived closer and he and my Judah could be friends. Also, as usual, I love your snowing blog. Festive and beautiful.

    • I wish that, too! And I never actually know that my blog is snowing until you mention it!:) It comes on automatically, because I set it that way years ago, and it always makes me smile when you notice it! I keep it snowing just for you.

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