A Winner and a Weekend

We have a winner! Laura Friesen gets the Amazon gift card.:) But thank you so much to everyone who commented during the last two weeks – it’s always fun to hear from other people, and I loved reading about what you’re all enjoying right now! I hope the sharing of ideas added a little bit of value to your life.

Sometimes I find it hard to share favourites – everybody is unique, and we all have our own passions and interests. When I talk about mine, it can be easy to think, “But why would anyone actually care about my little life, and the way we do things in our home?” And yet I’m always interested in what other people are doing, so why not?!

And then I go out on a limb, and share a bit of myself, only to have doubt creep in – what if people take it the wrong way, and think I’m saying everyone should do it my way? Or what if I share something I’m trying, only to discover later on that I’m completely on the wrong track?

So sometimes I choose to stay quiet, because it’s easiest. But I have a friend who says, “Share the keys! You might be holding a key of wisdom that someone else needs, and if you don’t share what you know, they won’t get the key they’ve been waiting for!”

Every time I think of the keys, I choose to share what I’ve got, however small it might be, because it seems like there’s not a lot in this world we’ve been given just to hang onto, and keep for ourselves.

So thank you for showing up here, and sharing the keys!:) Thanks to everyone who took the time to spread a little bit of joy and knowledge around. And maybe sharing online is just not your thing, and that’s totally okay. I’m pretty sure you’ll get other opportunities to share what you know and love, and you’ll keep passing on the keys, too.

I hope you all had a great weekend! We had the best kind – a little bit of work, lots of playing and relaxing, and hanging out with friends.

I hope your weekend left you feeling refreshed, and ready for another beautiful week!


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