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This post is part of a series, sharing my favourite products and discoveries from this last year. (You can find the first post here.) If you have any favourite ideas to contribute, please feel free to comment. Anyone who comments during this series over the next two weeks will have their name entered in a draw for an Amazon gift card. Let us know what you’re loving!

I don’t know if it’s part of aging, or just learning to pay more attention, but I find that I’m increasingly drawn to comfort over style. If I can have both, that’s fantastic, but if only one is an option, it’s getting more and more tempting to go for comfort!!

In my twenties, I would always choose cute shoes over comfort. I would buy the shirts that made me feel stylish, even though I didn’t really like how it felt to wear them. But now, I just don’t care enough anymore. I still want to look nice, but I have to be comfortable – it’s a non-negotiable! I no longer own any heels, there’s only comfortable fabrics in my closet, and I’m much more careful how I shop. It’s worth the extra effort to feel good.

Here are my three favourite comfy purchases of the year:


I’ve finally found great shoes that work with insoles! I’ve had a really hard time finding good shoes over the years, so these make me happy every single time I put them on. I find the original style of Toms too flat and don’t have enough support for my foot, but I’m loving these:

Wireless Bras

Not sure if any men actually read my blog (besides my dad!), so I apologize to anyone feeling awkward out there, but it needs to be said – underwire bras are a terrible idea. If I think about sticking wire anywhere else in my clothing, it seems like a really dumb thing to do, and yet women do it all the time. Who started this?!

I used to have a really hard time finding anything wireless and comfortable – I remember going into a store, asking where the wireless bras were, and being told they didn’t have any. Fortunately, there are a ton of great options now. Not only are wireless bras A LOT more comfortable, they also allow more lymph flow, and there is some research which suggests that greater lymph flow to remove toxins lowers the risk of breast cancer.

I found two different styles of wireless bras from La Senza which I really love (here and here) – they are outrageously comfortable, stay in place perfectly, and are great for wearing while exercising, which I do throughout the day, so I need an everyday bra that works for whatever activity I’m doing. (There’s even a 20% sale happening online right now!)

Yoga Pants

Okay, I didn’t discover yoga pants just this year, but this was the year I finally ordered multiples of my favourite pair. I was always waiting for the good ones to be clean on laundry day, and wearing uncomfortable stuff in the meantime, until it finally hit me – buy enough pairs of yoga pants so that there’s always a clean pair of my favourites. Nothing fancy, just cheap Old Navy active wear, but these fit me perfectly and I wear them all the time.

We also ordered multiples of Ben’s favourite pair of socks, and my friend does it with her favourite brand of notebook. Figure out what you love, and then get a lot of it! That might sound strange coming from someone who loves decluttering, but I believe in keeping only what you love and use. If you love and use something all the time, get multiples! For me, it’s yoga pants.:)

And while we’re on the topic of yoga pants, have you seen this video? Everybody loves it at our house, especially when Everett sings along and does the little “Oooh” part!:)

What are your favourite comfy clothing items? Any multiplies around your house because you just love them so much?








9 thoughts on “Get Comfy

  1. I totally agree with the wireless bras! I typically only wear sports bras but if I do need to wear something with a regular bra I just bought two (two different colours same style – so I also agree with your thoughts about yoga pants) from La Vie en Rose. They are way better than the underwire options I tried on.

  2. I completely agree with you on comfort over fashion!! Ah! The good ole days when I would wear something because it fit the style and hating it. So glad those days are LONG gone and I am so much wiser now, ha ha!
    I discoveres wireless bras at Victoria Secret when it was just in the states. It was very exciting when Victoria Secret came to Canada and I didn’t have to plan a trip across the border to get them.
    When I started reading about yoga pants, my first thought was Tim Hawkins!! So funny!

  3. Totally on your wave length when it comes to wireless bras and comfortable clothing! Underwire bras actually are known to cause serious injuries as well the coaches at jess’ gym actually outlawed them because they have pierced girls chest cavities etc. Comfort is crazy important to me these days and I am so glad I really don’t care much about fashion anymore. Jesslynn says I promised she could pick all my skinny clothes when I lost the weight but I swear I must have still been medicated at that point because I don’t remember it!

    • Oh my word, I had no idea underwire bras were so dangerous!! That’s crazy! And having someone else pick your clothes does sound like a bad idea!!I actually have to shop by myself, or else I get swayed by what a friend says I should buy, and then am uncomfortable later!

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