Last Weekend of the Summer

This last weekend, we felt the moment when summer turned into fall.

We were at the beach and the sun was shining, but we could feel it coming – the air smelled like fall, the yellow leaves were peeking out, and we knew we were near the end.

The sun went behind a cloud and never came back.

The rain started later that evening, and the rest of the weekend was cool and cloudy, making me crave naps, books, and movies inside. Which is very nice, too, but I’m so thankful we got in one more beautiful afternoon!

It was only 13 degrees the morning we left, but my dad wanted to go for a ski. He’s been waiting hard for this! He broke both his legs in a car accident last winter, and has been going for physiotherapy for months. He finally got the go ahead for water skiing, and I’m so glad I got to be there to see it! I felt so proud of him. Life has changed a lot for him since his accident, but he’s never complained, and worked hard to push all the limits. I’m so happy to see him enjoying the things he loves once more! I asked him if it was okay to share this, and he said the part he likes to talk about is God’s ability to do miracles, and bring about healing, which is so true! It’s amazing to have days like this when we can celebrate how far God has brought him – I think He was smiling as my dad zipped around the lake.:)

It was a great way to end the summer! What did you do with your weekend?



2 thoughts on “Last Weekend of the Summer

  1. We also had an abrupt end to our summer. We had twenty people over for a barbeque birthday party for my parents and we all had to wear sweaters or jackets. Thankfully my Mom brought homemade hot apple cider so our transition into Fall was quite pleasant!

  2. Thank you ever so much, Kendra, for all the lovely fall pictures! Enjoyed them a lot!

    I had cataract surgery on my right eye on Wednesday and stayed with Elma 2 nights. This morning I came home and am

    very careful not to bend over to pick something up or do anything strenuous. This is hard because you always see something that needs to be done including picking watermelons and digging up my carrots!

    Elma has offered to come and help but right now my garden is sopping wet! My left eye surgery is slated for next Thursday!!!!!

    Love you lots!

    A. Nettie


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