Apples and Combines 

The apples are ripe, so we headed out to my parents’ farm for our annual apple picking. 

When I was a kid, I thought crab apples were kind of a useless fruit – so sour, who would want to eat them?! But I’ve seen my dad walking around the yard countless times, enjoying his own apples. As I got older, I grew to understand the appeal of crab apples. 

And now, with applesauce pancakes being one of our family favourites, we’ve discovered how great it is to have a freezer full of crab applesauce. So every fall, we bring home a load of apples and do nothing but make applesauce for two days straight. 

We even made extra this year so that our girls could do a little applesauce fundraiser! (Let me know if you want to buy some!) Our house smelled delicious, our arms are still sore from grinding all that sauce, and we’ll be finding apples all over the house for weeks to come, because Everett kept running off with them! 

While we were out at the farm, Everett got to experience his first combine ride. 

At first he was very unsure about everything, but by the end he was begging for more! 

I love seeing my kids enjoying the same things I enjoyed when I was a kid. 

I’m not ready to let summer go yet, but apple picking and harvest time are pretty good ways to get me excited about this time of year. Soak up the last bit of summer! 


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