Summer So Far

It is a good summer. I like this one. It’s very active, because Everett keeps us on our toes, so I wouldn’t say it’s relaxing at all, but things are good around here!

Here’s a little sampling of July:

Everett is pretty convinced the only reason we have peas in our garden is so he can play with them. He carries them all over the yard, and sometimes he eats them. I have to keep an eye on him when I’m picking, so he doesn’t steal them all!


tomatoesOne of the swings on our play structure broke, so Kaylia improvised. She was sad when Ben fixed it, cause she liked her version better!




flowerFavorite: When Everett bends his head verrrry low over his paper while he’s coloring, because he’s seen the girls do it.

coloringI am super thankful it’s only the end of July, because I feel like we’ve got lots of time left to enjoy summer. A whole month! With VBS, and a stay-cation to look forward to!

sunsetWhat’s been making your summer nice?

One thought on “Summer So Far

  1. Thank you ever so much, Kendra! I just love hearing how you and your family are doing during these nice summery days!

    The pictures are so very special! Thank you many times over!

    A. Nettie


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