Beauty Everywhere

I was thinking about progress tonight as I watched the sun start to set behind the trees.

treesI remember looking out the window four years ago when we first moved here, and thinking it would take miraculous superpowers to find beauty anywhere after living in the Whiteshell. I was so used to being in the forest by a lake, I couldn’t see anything pretty about Niverville.

But there were still sunsets, and that row of trees behind our house has saved me many, many times.

Ben and AnikaAnd now, after four years of working away at a yard and a deck and a garden, it’s a lot easier to find the beauty.

Ben and EverettAnd I realize it’s more than just a pretty yard – we also love it now. We’ve had four years to settle in, grow our roots, and make memories here. Those are the things that make it very easy to find the beauty just about anywhere.





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