Week in the Life: Weekend Photos

It is finished!! What a full week – I haven’t taken this many pictures, or finished this many blog posts in a long, long time! Glad I did it, and glad it’s done! I feel like this photo challenge motivated me to capture a great collection of photos depicting what our life looks like right now. But I think it will be fun to just go through the day today without having to run for my camera all the time!!

Here are our weekend pictures:


Today was fun and full and busy! The girls were at Ben’s parents’ house for a sleepover, and I had a physio appointment at 8:30 in the morning, so I took my breakfast on the road with me.

40dcf50f-a7c4-49e7-a1c5-bacf5b40c464After my appointment, I did a bunch of errands in the city, and picked up the girls at Ben’s parents’ house.

f70852a5-af63-4b26-9fd6-7d00c730318aWhen I got home, we had some lunch, and then Ben and his dad kept working on the floor in the basement.



basementEverett was very happy to be reunited with his beloved sisters.:)

kidsI cleaned some bathrooms.

bathroomWe had spaghetti for supper, and then I cleaned up the kitchen.

kitchenWe got Everett to bed, and then the rest of us watched an episode of Full House before the girls went to bed.

bedtimeBen and I do pretty much the same thing every evening after the kids are in bed – more work for Ben, more exercise for me!


On Sunday morning, we got ready for church, and went to Sunday school.



Ben made pancakes for lunch, and made lots of extra to freeze for quick breakfasts this next week.

pancakesHe delights in making sure I will never get a normal picture of him.

After lunch, there was just lots of playing, lying around and relaxing, and family time.




2016-05-15 02.32.02We had hash for supper, I put Everett to bed, and the girls watched “Tangled” while Ben and I went to a meeting at church.

supperI came home from the meeting to get the girls to bed and exercise. After a week of much cloudiness, it was beautiful to end this little project with a sunset!

sunsetOnce again, I am reminded of how much love and beauty I am surrounded with in my life. It’s everywhere, and I love the challenge of trying to capture it in ways my family can enjoy and remember.

I hope your day will also be filled with these good things, and even if you don’t take pictures of it all, I hope you can remember to pause and soak it in! I read once that when we relive the good parts of our day, our bodies experience the same amount of enjoyment in the memory as we do when it’s actually happening. Isn’t that amazing?! I think we could all be getting a lot more mileage out of the good, beautiful moments!

Have a wonderful Monday!

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