Week in the Life: Friday Photos

I seem to finally be slowing down a bit with the number of photos I take in a day! I thought it would happen much sooner, so I’m pretty happy that I’ve lasted this long! Friday was really different than normal, because the girls had a sleepover at Ben’s parents’ house, so it was just Everett and me for most of the day. He seemed a little lost – took me by the finger, and went into every room in the house when he woke up from his nap, as though he expected to find his sisters hiding in the bathroom!

Here’s a look at Friday:

He must have his blanket, always. It gets dragged everywhere. His two favorite ways to carry it are wrapped around his shoulders like a shawl, or holding it in his arms with the end of it sticking out between his legs and dragging behind like a tail!

EverettThis is their newest trick.

2016-05-12 21.16.28

To make up for my messy bed on Thursday, I took a picture after I’d tidied things up a bit.2016-05-12 22.22.04

When I came out of the bedroom, I was greeted with this scene, which struck me as being so typical of a homeschool morning.2016-05-12 22.57.02

When Kaylia was done her schoolwork, she got out her dolls.2016-05-12 23.27.54

Everett needed lots of snacks. Like usual.2016-05-13 01.17.21

Once the girls left for the afternoon, we read stories and played hockey in the basement. He hung out with his blanket again.2016-05-13 06.06.57

When Ben came home from work, we heated up some quick leftovers for supper. It is so quiet when the girls aren’t around! After supper, Ben worked on the basement flooring again while I cleaned up the kitchen, and Everett wandered back and forth.2016-05-13 07.07.50 And that was it! I forgot to take pictures all evening, which makes me sad, because one of my dear friends came over for the evening, and I would have loved to get a photo of us together.

What have you done with your weekend so far?

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