Week in the Life: Thursday Photos

Whoa, you’re getting the unedited version of photos today! Something’s not working with my editing program, which makes me sad, because I love seeing how much better a photo can look with a few little tweaks. Oh, well. An opportunity to wrestle down perfectionist tendencies.;)

Here’s what Thursday looked like:

After a messy breakfast, and getting stripped down, Everett loves to start the day off with some bird watching.

2016-05-11 21.02.00

I had my usual smoothie and fruit with nuts.

2016-05-11 21.30.22

Messy room. It didn’t stay this way, because I actually really love making beds. Making order in the midst of chaos. Plus, I’ll never forget reading that by simply making your bed, you clean up 80% of the room. At some point, I do really need some time to work on the other 20%…. Besides the mess, this picture captures a lot about my sleep routine – essential oils by the bed, an extra blanket because I’m always cold and Ben’s always hot, and my beloved “bean bag” pillow. If anyone has neck problems, or allergies, buckwheat pillows are the best! It’s the heaviest pillow ever, but it goes everywhere with me.

2016-05-11 21.54.23

Everett came to visit me while I was in the bathroom getting ready. Brought his blanket, of course. He drags it everywhere.

2016-05-11 22.12.05

Time to get into Sister’s toys again.2016-05-11 22.18.48

Anika helped Kaylia with a Leapster game.2016-05-11 22.19.22

Playing “cat warriors”. Always.2016-05-12 00.21.28

I didn’t get a picture of lunch, but this is my handful of vitamins, fish oil, and probiotics that I take with my meal.2016-05-12 01.03.30

Kaylia being silly.2016-05-12 02.59.41Everett snacking.

2016-05-12 02.54.38Spontaneous hanging out with friends. Oddly enough, this is my favorite. I love being planned and scheduled and knowing exactly what’s going on each day, but sometimes, it just works best to say, “Want to come over this afternoon?”

2016-05-12 04.30.34

After our friends left, the girls played a writing game.2016-05-12 05.48.36

Everett thought he was joining in.2016-05-12 06.11.52

We had supper.2016-05-12 06.31.54

More flooring!2016-05-12 07.56.55

And we switched our table around! We need a bigger table, and I want to use this one in the basement in our new homeschool area, so we’ve been tossing around different ideas for what we want in this space. Things felt full enough with the table the other way, but turning it this way opens things up, and I think we’ll be able to fit a larger table. It always takes me awhile to get used to changes like this, but I think I’m going to really like it!2016-05-12 08.28.57

We got the kids to bed, then did our usual yoga/planking/massage while watching a show routine. It was an especially good episode of White Collar! And then it was off to bed.              2016-05-12 10.32.27Anything especially enjoyable for you today?


One thought on “Week in the Life: Thursday Photos

  1. Kendra, I love it all and thoroughly enjoy these glimpses into what happens in your family!

    Thank you! A. Nettie


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