Week in the Life: Wednesday Photos

Happy Thursday! As the week goes by, I’m noticing a few things about my pictures:

  • We don’t get out much. Thursday and Friday are our out-and-about days, but I try to stay at home on Monday to Wednesday so that we can really focus on schoolwork (and housework!)
  • Because these past three days have been kinda similar, I’m forced to find new ways to take pictures of repetitive things. I started using the timer on my camera today for this reason, and realized it was less hassle than I’d expected, so did it a few times throughout the day. Usually my pictures are of everyone else in the family, because I’m the one behind the camera most of the time, but I’m trying to ask Anika to take more pictures for me, just for variety, and because of that heartbreaking scene in the movie “Beaches”, when she’s searching wildly for a picture of her mother’s hands, because she can’t remember what they looked like. When I’m gone, I want my kids to remember what I look like!
  • It’s been cloudy. It is so much harder to take good pictures inside when it’s cloudy – there is so much less light coming in! And it’s supposed to stay cloudy for the rest of the week, unfortunately. But we will press on!

Alright. Wednesday’s photos:

Morning smoothie at the computer while I edited photos.

2016-05-10 20.57.09Toasted pancakes leftover from the weekend, and scrambled eggs for these cuties.

2016-05-10 20.56.52Apples, strawberries, and nuts for me.

2016-05-10 22.16.48Everett was trying to unzip Ben’s hoodie before Ben left for work.

2016-05-10 21.36.37I love seeing these two playing together more and more.:)

2016-05-10 22.01.33I took a photo of the bathroom counter while I was getting ready yesterday, but today, it suddenly struck me that I should do the same for Ben. Except the comb is mine.;)

2016-05-10 22.35.30Day Two of laundry. I used to get it all done in one day, and then Everett came along. Now it never gets done! Well, it feels like that….

2016-05-10 22.53.31Other than playing outside, playing downstairs is Everett’s favorite thing to do. We played “hockey” with golf balls and leftover pieces of flooring. And put some holes in the plastic, oops…

2016-05-10 23.32.34Everett had a nap (after having a tantrum because I took him upstairs when he wanted to keep playing hockey!), and I did schoolwork with the girls.

2016-05-11 01.52.03Then it was time for lunch and clean-up.

2016-05-11 01.45.03Back in the basement for more hockey!

2016-05-11 02.53.49Snacks, and more playing.

2016-05-11 03.33.20

2016-05-11 03.33.32Anika took care of Kaylia and Everett so I could go for my daily walk.

2016-05-11 03.37.03When I came back, we all went out to the backyard, and the sun came out!!

I love it that she smiles to herself while she swings.:)

2016-05-11 04.03.35

2016-05-11 04.09.17Our little apple tree is covered in blossoms! This was an exciting discovery.

2016-05-11 04.07.44Kaylia’s my little gardener. She’s always wanting to help with planting and watering.

2016-05-11 04.10.04I did some more stretches when we got inside. I try to get all my stretches done in the morning, but it takes me about 45 minutes to do them all, and I rarely have a chunk of time long enough to finish them all at once.

2016-05-11 05.46.08Kaylia was playing at the counter, and Everett wanted to join her, but as soon as I got him settled, she took her toys to the living room so Everett couldn’t mess them up. He wasn’t very happy about this!

2016-05-11 06.13.19We had taco salad for supper. Every week, I ask Ben and the girls what they want to eat for supper, and everybody says the same things: the girls say “Potatoes,” and Ben says “Taco salad.”

2016-05-11 07.29.15After supper, Anika went to youth, Kaylia went to play with the neighbour kids, Ben worked on flooring in the basement, I cleaned up the kitchen, and Everett went back and forth between us. He stole the container of cheese and somehow managed to drag it downstairs!

Once I was done cleaning the kitchen, I folded all the laundry.

2016-05-11 08.26.37We got Everett in bed, and then Ben read to Kaylia while she had an apple for night snack.

2016-05-11 08.52.54I took a shower, and did yoga and planking, while Ben worked on more flooring in the basement. In this picture, my SI support belt is showing really clearly. I’ve been wearing it for about 3 weeks, because I hurt my tailbone really badly. I’m supposed to stop using it so much once I can plank for five minutes.

2016-05-11 09.32.03Then we watched an episode of “White Collar” on Netflix, and I got ready for bed.

It was a good day, but I was exhausted!! Must be all the hockey in the basement or something!


2 thoughts on “Week in the Life: Wednesday Photos

  1. Hey Kendra, who do you see to get your excersize “Perscription”? I’m curious as to whether you just decide what excersize to do or if a doctor or therapist has given you a regiment? I’d love to have a regiment put in place for me rather than to try and make one up

    • I see a muscle therapist who tells me what to do. His name is Nigel Jeffers, and you can check out his website here. He has got some kind of crazy stretch or exercise for everything! I’ve been going to see him for about four years, and he has helped me so incredibly much. Right now, he has me doing about 45 minutes of stretches/exercises to address specific problem areas, yoga, and planking.

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