Week in the Life: Tuesday Photos

Yesterday was my first day of this week long photo challenge, and I wrote that I wanted the motivation to take more pictures. Yikes, it’s working!! I shared over 20 photos yesterday, and I’ve got another huge batch of Tuesday’s pictures.

Last night I asked Ben, “Does anyone really need to see this many pictures of our family?!” And he said, “You never know who’s going to find it interesting!” Which is true, because I’ve been reading Ali Edwards’ blog for years, and every year, I love seeing the photos she takes during “Week in the Life”. Never met her in my life, but I’m always interested in seeing her beautiful photos of what she does throughout the day.

But I totally understand if you don’t really care what we ate for lunch!!

Anyway, on to Tuesday’s pictures. Monday was the most normal of days, and Tuesday was not normal at all!! Everett woke up sad and grumpy. (We keep praying for those last four teeth to come out AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE!!!)

EverettBen took the day off from work to install flooring in our basement, so he took a bit of extra time this morning for snuggling in bed with these cuties.

EverettThen he was off to work in the basement.

basementMeanwhile, we started on school upstairs.


homeschoolThe kids took a break for some morning devotions. Everett’s favorite story is about Baby Jesus.

kidsWhile they were doing that, I got ready for the day.

getting ready

getting readyTuesday is laundry day around here.

laundryAnika made her favorite kind of potatoes for lunch – cubed and seasoned.


lunchI cleaned up lunch.

cleaning up lunchWe did some reading.

bookAnd snacking.

snackingBen’s dad came for the day to help with flooring.

basementAnika wasn’t feeling completely well today, so she spent a lot of time lying around.

girlsEverett had a nap – I love his little bum in the air! He’s at a weird stage in his napping – a long morning nap, but then still needs a short nap in the late afternoon. He always sleeps with his beloved blanket bunched up underneath him.:)

Everett's roomSupper.

supperHe’s refused to wear a hat for weeks, but today, he suddenly decided it was fun!

EverettWe did supper clean-up, and then Ben left for a meeting, and I got the kids to bed.


I had a shower, and used Magnesium gel for sore muscles, lavender for my face, and coconut oil for moisturizer.

evening routineThen it was time for yoga and planking again. I reached my four minute goal for the week!!

exerciseBen got home from his meeting, we talked for awhile, and then we went  to bed.

Two days down!

7 thoughts on “Week in the Life: Tuesday Photos

  1. Whoop whoop it’s great that you’ve reached your goal so soon!! that’s fantastic. I can’t wait to see today’s post. It always makes me want to do the same on my blog. Perhaps I will next week when the flu out of my house.
    Love seeing all those sweet ordinary moments.


    • Oh no, I’m so sorry to hear you have the flu!! I hope you are all better soon! And I wish you would do a Week in the Life, because I always love finding out more about how you schedule your days!!

    • Well, I started in December, and I could do 20 seconds. I think I was doing two minutes by March, but then I injured my tailbone, and had to back off a bit. Last week, I was still at two minutes, and my therapist said, “If you can do two minutes, you can do three.” I thought that was ridiculous, but then I went home and did three! My therapist recommends adding 10 seconds each day, and doing it two or three times a day. He says, “It’s all mental – you have to ignore the fact that you’re shaking. You’ll feel like you’re going to die. Just push through it!”

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