Week in the Life: Monday Photos

This is the week, you guys!! It’s been a few years since I’ve done a “Week in the Life” photo challenge, but I’ve loved it every time. The idea is pretty basic: take a picture of everything you do every day for a week!

I first heard about this challenge on Ali Edwards’ blog, and gave it a try for the first time back in 2011. I’ve done it a few times since, but because it’s a ton of work, I haven’t done it since Everett was born. Because this is Ali Edwards’ “official” week for completing this project, I’m following along on Facebook and Instagram.

I love this activity, because it makes me take photos of all the ordinary, normal, everyday things which I usually don’t think to take pictures of. But now, when I look back on those pictures from a few years ago, it’s so interesting to see how our life has changed!

Here’s what Monday looked like for us:

I’m usually the first one up, which makes me happy, because it gives me the chance to start my day with a big glass of chlorophyll, and some Bible reading! I’m loving that app on my phone.

morningBen doesn’t always need to pack a lunch for work, but today he did, so I started getting food together before Everett woke up and needed me.

lunchEverett’s happy with his soother up or down – makes no difference to him!

EverettBen left for work (with a pile of Anika’s library books to return).

BenEverett was pretty happy about breakfast – he kept jabbering and screeching!

EverettI quickly emptied the dishwasher while he was happy and occupied.

dishwasherI made my usual green smoothie for breakfast.

smoothieWhen the girls got up, they all chose some Bible stories on the kids Bible app on my phone.

kidsAfter breakfast, Everett played while the girls started on school work.

EverettAnikaKayliaEverettAnikaEverett napped, I did my morning stretches, and then we had a late lunch.

2016-05-08 23.54.14

2016-05-09 01.14.25

lunchAfter lunch, there was some reading, and lots of playing and snacking.


snacksnackI made supper, and we had Ben’s parents over for food and games.

suppergamesThen it was time for baths and bedtime routines.

bathstoriesOnce the kids were in bed, Ben did some work on his laptop, and I did some yoga and planking. My therapist has me doing a planking challenge, and I’m supposed to be doing four minute planks by the end of the week. Last night I reached three minutes and 50 seconds! I am outrageously excited about the progress I’ve been making!;)

plankOnce I recovered, Ben and I watched a show on Netflix while Ben gave me a massage with the rolling pin – it is the best thing ever for sore legs!!

eveningThen I went to bed, and Ben stayed up late to get some more work done.

And that was our Monday.


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