Weekend Favorites: Mother’s Day

Every year for Mother’s Day, we pick up food from Taco del Mar, and go to Assiniboine Park for a picnic, and a visit to the conservatory.

conservatoryOh, I love it there so much, and I love that we have pictures to compare from every year we’ve gone! This year was very different from other years – a lot more active! We made an attempt to take the usual picture of me with my sweet children, but this did not impress Everett:

Kendra & kidsAnika says, “Don’t put that picture in, it looks terrible!” But Ben always says, “It is what it is.” Everett didn’t hold still for a single moment, except when he was watching the fish, which he absolutely loved.:) He kept trying to say “fish” so cutely!

fishfish pondHe ran all over the place, and had a great time!

Ben & EverettKidsFortunately, the girls already know how this goes – find your favorite flowers, and pose sweetly while Mommy takes a million pictures!!

KayliaAnikaAnd by some miracle, I managed to get this one of Everett – right before he ran back to the fish pond!!

EverettTraditions are the best! What did you do for Mother’s Day?


One thought on “Weekend Favorites: Mother’s Day

  1. Thank you so much, Kendra! Love seeing the pictures of your sweet family!

    Have a great week!

    A. Nettie


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