Whatever Amuses You

Last night, I was having a little chat with Kaylia before bed about some behaviour issues which had come up during the day. Very gently, but seriously, I said to her, “Kaylia, can you understand that when you tell me I’m a mean Mommy, and you refuse to obey me, it makes the day go a lot harder for everyone?”

She said, equally seriously, “Yes, but sometimes it amuses me.”
Ben and I have since decided it’s a great reason to do just about anything. I took a nap instead of cleaning my kitchen, because it amused me. I ate far too many corn chips with guacamole last night, because it amused me. I didn’t fold any of my clean laundry yesterday, because it amused me to leave it all in the laundry basket.

This weekend, it amuses us to begin the humongous project of installing new flooring in our basement. I’ll have to post before and after pictures, because it is my purging dream come true. All that beautiful, open space because we got rid of the junk that had built up for far too long. Because it amused us.

What is amusing you right now?

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