Crazy Home Sweet Home

The last time I blogged, it was along the lines of “We’re sick and ready to go home.” Thank goodness I had no idea what was ahead!!!!

We got to the airport at lunch on Tuesday, and found out that our flight was delayed by a few hours, meaning we would miss our connecting flight in Toronto. We spent the afternoon waiting… and waiting…. and trying to get our sweet, sick, grumpy baby to fall asleep in his stroller. The girls were pretty good about waiting , but I think everybody was just frustrated with the situation. I had such a bad attitude at first!! I was sick and miserable, and a day of travel had seemed overwhelming without everything going wrong! But the whole time, I kept thinking, “I need to pull myself together, because Ben is trying his hardest to keep everyone cheerful, and I need to start helping him, instead of making things harder!” I kept praying about it, and by the time we finally landed in Toronto, I guess the prayers started to kick in. It was getting late, and we were no where near home, so Ben and I started joking about how we had “won” a free night in Toronto. We tried to make it as exciting as possible, and somehow, everyone warmed up to the idea.


Thankfully, we had our luggage and everything, finally ate some supper around 10pm, and got everyone to bed.

The next morning, we were ready for another long day of travelling!!


Even though Everett was sick, he really did so well with travelling. We went on enough flights for him to work out his own little routine – he’d fall asleep shortly after takeoff, have a nice little nap, and wake up to eat as many snacks as we could possibly distract him with. Thenย  he’d be ready for exploring and socializing, so he’d set off down the aisle, going up to random strangers and smiling up at them until they’d finally notice him standing there. They were always so surprised to find this little boy grinning at them! He insisted on wrapping his fuzzy blanket around his shoulders so he looked like an Articic explorer in a big fur coat, and wandered the aisle, loving every moment of attention he got.

imageSince there was no direct flight from Toronto to Winnipeg, we had to spend the afternoon in Thunder Bay, and then it was FINALLY time to head home! ๐Ÿ™‚

It felt amazing to walk through our door!


But we noticed a few things that seemed a bit off – our couch looked like it had been moved, and our floors had been washed. When Ben noticed some boards in our garage, he started to get a bit suspicious, and told us to go downstairs.

I wish I had a picture of what our basement looked like before we left! Ben had been working on getting it framed, and it was chaos down there with construction going on in among all the girls’ toys and our stuff in storage. But when we went down last week, it looked like this:


Ben’s dad had arranged for everything to get finished while we were gone, and his parents had packed up all of our stuff. I don’t know when I’ve ever been so surprised!!

I thought I had lots of time to figure out what I wanted to do down there, but suddenly, I’m needing to choose paint colours by next week! Pinterest has once again become my best friend, and I think we’ve almost gotten things figured out!

We had to hit the ground running – no vacation from this vacation, even though that’s what I kinda wanted! ๐Ÿ˜‰ We haven’t even been home for a week, and Anika has already been on a youth retreat, and I’ve had emergency laser eye surgery, to take care of a problem that came up on our trip. In among all this, we’ve still been dealing with flu symptoms. It’s been so crazy!!

But I’m sleeping in my own bed each night, we’re slowly settling into normal routine, and I think the excitement of finishing our basement might be just what I need to get the adrenaline going!

I keep telling Ben I don’t want to go on vacation again until Everett is about 10, and Ben keeps telling me I will recover, and the bad memories will fade, leaving only the fun, beautiful ones. I know this is true, but until that happens, I will fiercely love my home and my predictable schedule!!


One thought on “Crazy Home Sweet Home

  1. So very special to hear from you and the HIGHLIGHTS of your trip! How wonderful to come home to a great job having been done in your basement!

    Now we are all waiting for a complete recovery for your dear Dad!

    Keep on enjoying your lovely home, Kendra!

    Love, A. Nettie


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