Vacation Begins…


Hello from Florida! We have a sweet, sick baby who did pretty well on his first flight , all things considered….


He seems to be perking up, though, and will keep us on our toes for the next two weeks!!



It’s been awhile since we’ve flown anywhere for vacation, and I can’t believe how much more grown up and independent the girls are! They have fun going off on their own, or playing with Everett, which makes things so much less hectic for Ben and me.



Ben has a work conference next week, but this week is all about relaxing and doing fun things together as a family.




I’m always so curious to see other people’s vacation photos, as I sit at home in the snow, so if you’re like me, I’ll try to send a few palm trees your way over the next couple of weeks!!


6 thoughts on “Vacation Begins…

  1. So sweet of you, Kendra, to share happenings on your vacation! Hope you enjoy every moment of it!

    Love you,

    A. Nettie


    • There are nine dice with pictures on them. You role them, and make up a story using all the pictures – super simple, fun, and small for sticking in my bag when we go to a restaurant or whatever!

    • It should look familiar – we were at your condo! Your generous dad let us enjoy it for a week! Now we’re at my parents’ house.

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