Around Here Right Now

Wow, it’s been a long time since I’ve taken the time to round up our favorites! So many things we’ve been enjoying lately, it’s definitely time to share them all with you, in case you’re in need of ideas!:) Here’s what I’m loving right now:

This entertainment:


It keeps him busy for hours….

These books:

Cat books

Aaaamazing!!! Anika started reading them a few months ago, and now we all read them – Ben, Anika, and I all have different books in the series that we’re reading to Kaylia, and Anika keeps flying through them on her own. The girls don’t play dolls anymore – they play warrior cats!

This show:


Our new favorite show! It is so good. We watched the movie “Limitless” years ago, but I love this even more – the  movie had a darker, heavier feel to it, but the show is really funny.  It’s about a guy who starts taking a drug that allows him to access every neuron in his brain, and recall everything he’s ever seen, read, or heard. He starts working with the FBI, but is only brilliant while he’s taking the drug. The main character is just fantastic – he’s got this hilarious, creative, enduring, childlike quality to him which makes an interesting combination with solving crimes.

This song:

We’ve decided it’s equally motivating for a morning workout, doing math, or driving to work. Anytime someone needs a little feisty inspiration, we turn on Fight Song.:)

This app:


Ben and I both put water intake tracking apps on our phones, and the results have been a bit surprising. I thought I was doing okay with water intake, but when I actually take the time to keep track of it, I’m not doing as well as I thought! Ben was doing even worse, and our girls were pretty much living like camels. This app is great for keeping me on track, and something has happened: our thirst signal has returned!! When you don’t drink enough water, your thirst signal will eventually stop working, or you’ll start understanding it as a hunger signal. Our girls were NEVER thirsty, even though Kaylia would go a whole day without drinking water, if we weren’t careful. But last night, as she was climbing into bed, she said, “I’m thirsty – can you bring me some water?” Yessss!!!

This recipe:

Broccoli Noodles

It’s so easy, it can hardly be called a recipe. All you have to do is stir-fry a package of broccoli coleslaw mix with some garlic, salt, and olive oil, throw in some cooked chicken, and serve it over noodles. I love the noodles Superstore carries in the Oriental section, made from bean and pea starch – they taste completely like normal noodles, but without all the weird gluten-free grains.

This hair:


It’s time to make going grey look like a lot more fun!

And this Christmas song:

Best Christmas video ever. And I don’t even like dogs!! We had a hard time figuring out if the drummer or the keyboard player was our favorite….

What are you enjoying right now?

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