Goal Accomplished!!

Guess what happened this weekend??!!


I reached my goal of decluttering 2015 things in the year 2015!!

At the beginning of the weekend, I needed to find 78 things to get rid of, and I felt a little unsure that I would still have that much left to purge.

I had saved all of the girls’ things until the end, so on Saturday, we took the morning to conquer the play room.

I shouldn’t have worried about reaching my goal!! Instead of 78 things, we got rid of over 200! They amazed me! It’s hard to purge with kids, but they did awesome. I’d pull out a bin, dump it, and hold up one item at a time. If it was something they loved, we kept it. But there were so many toys they really didn’t care about! And the best part was how they could see for themselves that purging left more room to enjoy the toys they really like to play with.

This is what I’ve found over and over again for myself – get rid of the junk so you can fully enjoy what remains.

Now I feel torn – do I stop purging for the year, and start again in January with the goal of 2016 things in 2016, or do I keep going strong until the end of December to see how far past my goal I can get?! What do you think?

10 thoughts on “Goal Accomplished!!

  1. Hi, Kendra!

    Great to hear how well you have done so far!!! Congratulations for reaching your goal before the end of the year!

    My suggestion is to continue on in this year and start the New Year with a new goal!!!!

    Just an idea!!!!


    A. Nettie


  2. WOW! This is amazing! I get a bit of anxiety when I think of purging that much (although I should probably do it).

    I think that you should finish the year off at least 🙂

    Amanda R.

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