Down by the River

It was a beautiful afternoon to visit Mennonite Landing this last weekend. I really should stop showing you all how beautiful it is down there by the river, because soon everyone will want to go there, and it will get crowded and unappealing, and become a big tourist spot, and they’ll have to start charging admission, and then our family will have to find a new special place.

Mennonite LandingBut in the meantime, we love going down to this spot by the river! Even though we have such a great time whenever we go, our girls still always complain on the way. They’re convinced that an afternoon at the nearest play structure would be much better than Mennonite Landing, but that is only because they keep forgetting that trees are better than play structures.

A&KParents know best, and we had a great time, like usual.


Kendra and EverettMennonite Landing

Mennonite LandingEverett walking



walkingCheck out more pictures from our favorite spot:

Mennonite Landing

What Escape Looks Like

2 thoughts on “Down by the River

  1. Hi, Kendra!

    What lovely pictures! Thank you for sharing them with me! You have such a wonderful way of keeping me in touch with

    your family!

    Love, A. Nettie


  2. Karen took me there a few years ago and I got all nostalgic and choked up. Beautiful photography as usual! I hope it never becomes a place your family has to stay away from!

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